I have a Netware V6, SP5 server that is abending this morning with the following error message:

NSS Free Tree Block 1034398(0xFC89E) is corrupt on poolsys
Auto Restart after abend has been selected.
The server will attempt to go down in 2 minutes.

So the server is repeatedly downing and re-starting.

I booted the server to DOS and added AUTO RESTART AFTER ABEND = 0 to startup.ncf,
hoping to be able to stop the cycle so I can run NSS /PoolRebuild, but the server seems to be ignoring

If I boot the server using the -NS -NA command line arguments, I can manually load
the Startup.ncf drivers. But when I attempt NSS /poolverify (or NSS without arguments)
several NLMs auto-load OK, but NSS is Unresolved:

NSS /poolverify
Loading Module NSS.NLM <unresolved>
Auto-Loading Module NSSWIN.NLM <ok>
Auto-Loading MOdule LIBNSS.NLM <ok>
Auto-Loading MOdule LOCNLM32.NLM <ok>
Auto-Loading MOdule UNICODE.NLM <ok>
Auto-Loading MOdule LIBC.NLM <ok>

Can the necessary NSS NLMs be copied to the DOS partition and run from there?
Any advice would be appreciated.