Subject just about says it all :-) I would like to know if NetStorage
Storage Location Objects are inheritable when assigned to a container. So
if I have an account 'somebody.ou2.ou1.org' and I assign a Storage
Location Object to the 'org' or 'ou1' will the user see the Storage
Location Object when they connect to the NetStorage service via
webbrowser? I have tried this but it has not worked, so either I am doing
something wrong or the version of NetStorage I have does not support it.
Here is what I have:

Server: OES sp1a on NetWare 6.5
iStorage: v2.0.1

If NetStorage does not support this now are there plans to add it in the
next release?


Ron Neilly
Network Services Coordinator
Okanagan College
Kelowna, BC, Canada

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