Greetings all--

I recently replaced the five 36 GIG drives in our Compaq DL380 server
(NW 6.5,SP2) with five 146 GIG drives. I swapped them out and let the
RAID controller rebuild them back into the system. When the last one
was done, I went into CPQONLIN and created a new logical drive under the
array with the newly available space.

Now I want to add that space to our existing volumes. In Remote
Manager, under Partition Disks, I see the following entries:

[V504-A1-DO:0] Compaq Smart Array 5i Slot 0 ID 0 LUN 0 (135.65 GB)

Beneath that are listed my three partitions with their pools and
volumes. And under that is this:

[V504-A1-DO:1] Compaq Smart Array 5i Slot 0 ID 0 LUN 1 (411.25 GB)
Intitialize Partition Table.

I understand I need to click "Initialize Partition Table" in order to
add the space, but it warns about losing data. Since this logical drive
is on the same physical sets of drives as the existing logical drive,
will that erase the existing logical drive?

Some TIDS talk about adding new disks to existing arrays, and erasing
those should not effect existing data. But I'm not adding new disks.
I'm replacing old disks. I'd rather not destroy the existing volumes.
(I do have good backups.)

If I click "Initialize Partition Table" for this logical drive, will it
only initialize itself, or will it initialize (erase) everything?

I apologize if this is elementary but I'd rather be certain before I

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Brian Simpson
Grove Park Inn