I've got an older server with an HP DAT40x6 autoloader. In the past I have
used this fine with NW5.1 installed, with BE9.1. To get it working I added
lun_enable=ff to the end of the LOAD AIC78U2.HAM SLOT=10004 in STARTUP.NCF
and then I added the -L switch to the Bkupexec.NLM line in BESTART.NCF.

I have just brought this server (with no hardware changes) back in to
action as a second BE media server, but with NW65sp3 installed. I have
made the same changes to the various NCF files but BE is showing "No Robots
defined" in the BE client.

It sees the autoloader as a single drive. LIST STORAGE DEVICES show the
device as a single drive, whereas my DAT72x6 loader on another 65 server
shows up as two devices, which I assume is the drive and the loader.

I've tried loading HPLOADER.NLM after BESTART (which is what I have to do
on the DAT72 machine), but that had no effect.

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.