I just wanted to share my recent experience with Portlock. Ignore the
negative posts, Portlock is great software and they truly know NSS ...

Recently one of my clients needed to replace their current e-mail
server, which was running low on storage space and struggling to keep
up with a newer server. The server was replaced with an IBM xSeries 206
(machine type 8482). This was the SATA model, which consisted of an
onboard Adaptec SATA host adapter capable of RAID 1 and 2 160GB SATA

After migrating the old e-mail server to the new x206 all seemed
fine for a few weeks. Then there were some unexplained system freezes
where the server needed to be power cycled. This happened several times
(about every 4 days). At this point I decided the server was unstable
and since it was brand new I requested and received a replacement
server, a new x206 but with the SCSI model and SCSI hard drives.

January 4th the server froze again, but this time after completing
a power cycle would not bring the server back up. When I arrived on
site the server was hung at the stage where it was trying to activate
the NSS Pool "DATA". I could not get the server backup. I tried a NSS
/POOLREBUILD=DATA /purge. The process would begin but ABEND the server
shortly after. The NetWare NSS tools were not working. I decided to use
my copy of Portlock Storage Manager, trying a POOLVERIFY. This also
caused the server to ABEND.

I e-mailed To my benefit John Hanley from
Portlock responded quickly and took over. Remotely, he used the
Portlock Storage Manager software to run POOLVERIFY which ABENDED the
server. He suggested that we remove the SLAVE drive of the RAID 1
configuration. With only 1 drive in the system he completed a
POOLVERIFY which revealed damaged sectors on the drive. We then
switched drives and ran POOLVERIFY on the other drive. Again, the
POOLVERIFY completed but revealed additional damaged sectors. With both
drives being damaged John was able to modify the Portlock Storage
Manager program and SUCCESSFULY recovered all of th e e-mail that was
stored on the damaged drive. I was then able to move the e-mail to a
new server and regain all e-mail services. The client had all their
e-mail back.

John Hanley and Portlock Software with the advanced features in
Portlock Storage Manager (PSM) was able to recovery the client's entire
e-mail system from damaged unusable hard drives. Many thanks to John
Hanley and Portlock! I plan on expanding my business relationship with