I have NetStorage running on Netware OES (NW6.5sp4) but I can't seem to
change any of the configuration through nsadmin or through iManager. I
recently installed ZEN6.5 MT to this same server.

When I try and access /oneNet/nsadmin using my admin account it get:
Admin is not authorized to access the NetStorage Administrator. You
must be logged in as the NetStorage proxy user or equivalent. Logout
then try again. Admin is, for now, my proxy user for NetStorage.

When I try and access /iManager File Access (NetStorage) Authentication
Domains I get:
Service not available. Possible cause: Unauthorized.

I can access /oneNet/xtier-login and /oneNet/xtier-stats with no problems.

This was working before I had ZEN installed.

How can I get this to work? Can ZEN MT co-exist with NetStorage on the
same server?