Running NW65SP2 in cluster with Xiotech SAN.
Wanted to increase DATA volume as we did already before:
- expand virtual drive on the SAN: OK
- in iManager on server where volume is mounted: scan for new devices:
- iManager select Pool, increase size, the added space is visible,
select and enter size, click Finish... "Media Manager error occurred;
The partition is invalid"
- Tried via NSSMU on the server console: partition, F3 expand, I find
the free space, select it, Enter: "526 Partition Create Failed. Press
enter to continue"...
- in NSSMU, partition, I can try to create partition, free space is
there, but same error 526

All Cluster nodes are same version NW65SP2, NSS is Version 3.22 Snap
Date 04510 (trough "NSS Modules" console command)

Searched but no result. Any help apart from deleting
the pool (420GB) and recreating form backup which is no real option for
the moment...