We have a problem, some files are unable to move. When i'm looking at
the monitor screen, the file seems to be open by connection 0 task1 and
lock status not locked. A few weeks ago, our servers motherboard died
(master NDS server). When the motherboard was fixed, whe had to remove
the nds, and declare another server as the master. And reinstalled the
NDS form the "new" master. A moment later the NSS pool deactivates, a
nss /poolrebuild fixed this problem. All of our servers in the NDS have
the "move" problem. A workaround is to reboot the server an we can move
files again. But later the problem will be back on other files. Whe are
running Netware 6 SP3 for 3 years stable! On win2k sp4 clients with
client 4.83 sp1 all stable for years! Please help us.

Regards Jan