I would like advise on the best way of expanding storage.

We have a two node cluster NW65 SP3a connected to an IBMFAStT600 (DS4300)
SAN containing 9 disks configured as a RAID 5 array and one big 1Tb
logical drive. There is a tenth disk configured as a hot spare.

This logical drive is split between 3 NSS pools that are clustered as
virtual servers, DATA1, DATA2 and DATA3

There are four spare slots in the cage that I want to fill with extra
disks. As I see it there are two options for expansion.

1 Add the four disks to the existing array growing the existing logical
drive. This should then mean that there will be un-allocated space visible
via NSSMU that I can spread between my existing storage pools. This would
be the favoured approach but I seem to remember seeing some forum posts
where Netware reported partitioning problems when this was done. This
would not be good.

2 Create a new array/logical drive using the 4 new disks. Add space to the
existing pools from this second logical drive.

What would Novells recomendation be here. All advise welcome