OK, I'll try and give as much info as possible while still
keeping it short. So here goes.
My NW 6.5 SP3 server crashed on me. The file system was still OK
but eDirectory went south, and I wasn't even able to remove eDir
in order to do a reinstall. So I determined to reinstall the server
as it was pretty basic anyway but to just redo SYS and keep my other
two volumes.
I retried the install a number of times using original CDs and overlays
but all failed halfway through the install. Finally I gave up and tried
to install NW 5.1, even that failed. Torubleshooting showed a bad memory,
so I moved my disks to another box. I was then able to reinstall NW 6.5 SP3
Through all the retries I opted to just replace the SYS volume and partition
and created the new SYS the same size as on the original server.
Once the server was reinstalled, I was able to with the aid of Portlock's
Storage manager to recover my VOL1 volume. This was on a separate disk.
However on the disk where SYS resides I also had a VOL2 volume. But this is
no where to be found.
Is there any hope in getting VOL2 back without sending the disk away to a
recovery company?