My coworker sent something to the list about this before but we have some
more information.

We are working with placing two NetStorage servers behind a Content Switch
Module (for load balancing and SSL offloading). In this configuration,
everything works as normal when using a non-IE browser (ie Mozilla) or
using IE *without* the Novell client present. In these scenerios, you are
prompted for authentication, you enter it, and get in. However, It seems
with the Zenworks 6.5 client installed and using IE, authentication is
somehow passed through and session state tracked much differently. In this
scenerio, no authentication appears to be required and furhurmore, no
cookie is appears to be dropped, whereas with the other browsers, the
cookie is plainly there.

Our CSM architecture appears to be causing problems for this passthrough
authentication and cookie-less session tracking thats going on when you
use IE and the Novell client together. You will see the NetStorage screen,
however, there is a bunch of garbage in the main pane. If someone could
help explain what Novell is doing in this special circumstance it would
possibly help me understand how our CSM is getting in the way.

If we remove the Zenworks 6.5 agent completely from the machine then we
can access NetStorage through IE correctly, get prompts to authenticate
and get in correctly. Someone mentioned something to the list before
about the workstation manager component having something to do with this.
Does anybody have any more information about that?

This is using NW6.5 SP3, Novell Client 4.91 SP1, and IE 6SP2.