We are running all NW65sp4 servers with an IBM DS300 SAN connect via iSCSI.
Everything is working fine, but I have one startup configuration question.

The SAN has one 410GB array defined. I have 5 NSS volumes on that array.
Four of them are mounted on one server and one on another.

In my autoexec.ncf on each server I have

iscsinit connect <IP> <drivename>

this connects just fine, but the first server to connect tries to activate
all 5 of the NSS pools. I then have to manually deactivate the NSS pools
that server doesn't use before the other server can activate the pools and
mount the volumes.

Can I get around this by using
NSS /PoolAutoDeactivate
and listing the pools I don't want to load?
Do I need to put this in my autoexec ahead of the ion command?

Is there a better way?

Thought I'd check with the experts before I played around with it.

Thanks for any help.