I have a problem on a 6.5 netware server.
I have 2 disks in RAID 1 :
- there is 2 partitions on the 1st disk
- the 1st partition for the volume SYS:
- the second one for a volume DATA:

The 2nd disk have also 2 partitions mirrored with those on the 1st disk

The mirror status shows the following :
- Mirrored object 0x0D is fully synchronized (volume DATA)
- Mirrored object 0x10 is not synchronized (volume SYS)

The Nssmu shows also for this RAID object 0x10 :
8 % remirrored
Not in Sync. Operational
Not all present

I have tried different things :
- reboot server, vrepair, 'remirror partition' command, unsucessfully.

I can delete one of the 2 partitions used by the volume SYS: to rebuild the
RAID, but which of the two ?

Thanks for any help

Thierry LE FLOCH