I posted this in the Install forum but I thought this may be the correct

Has anyone had any experience migrating from Netware 6.0 with volumes on a
EMA12000 SAN to NW6.5 on new hardware? Is there a procedure on how to handle
the data migration? My source server is setup with the SYS volume running on
drives on the server. My other volumes are on the SAN.

Is it possible to remove access to the LUNs on the SAN and use the migration
wizard to migrate the NW6.0 to new hardware running NW6.5 and then
re-present the LUNS to the new server? Common sense tells me this will not
work because the volume objects on the SAN would not get upgraded.

My other thought was to create all new space on the SAN and present those
LUN's to the pre-migration NW6.5 create identical volume names on the LUNs
attached to the new server, then run the migration wizard. Once the old
server was down and all was well with the new server I could reclaim the
space from the old server on the SAN.

How could this be done if there were no available space on the SAN to create
new LUN's? Backup and Restore? Any suggestions and previous experince is