This is probably a dumb question (I did a search already on
knowledgebase and came up with zilch):

We have some (well, a lot) of users who have files with REALLY long

So, when they go into NetStorage, the length of the display name is
longer than the "invisible" column in NetStorage, so they can't see the
full file name.

Can you adjust this?

From what I can tell, NetStorage doesn't use frames, so there's nothing
to "move" and the only other thing I could think of is some odd setting
to tell it to show X characters?

Or increase your screen resolution to like 1280x1024 and drop the font
size down to like 8 or something (which is not a good solution).

This is on NW 6.5 SP3 (OES). I'm not sure if NetStorage has been
"enhanced" in SP4 or SP5.