I have several (6.5sp4a) servers in a HP EVA SAN environment. Everything
fine. But I am looking to improve backup speed, and have experimented with
"local san" backups using HP data protector (omniback).

This occurs by having the data flow via fiber channel from the SAN (LUN) to
our backup appliances (HP MSL6060 robotic tape libraries).

Normally, backups occur over the network (1000/ethernet) from the server,
to a "cell manager", and from the cell manager through fiber channel to the
tape drives.

This process works OK, but causes alot of network overhead and is fairly
slow (14-18MB/sec) compared to windows systems (25-40MB/sec).

By doing the "local" method, we are actually seeing similiar throughput to
the windows servers (28-45MB/sec).

The ONLY issue occurs when a server is rebooted. For whatever reason, when
the netware server reboots, it gets assigned a different SCSI ID, and this
screws up my backups. I have to manually go in and re-map the device based
on this new SCSI ID.

This is a pain, as I have plenty of other things to do besides mess with this.

Is there a way to manually MAP devices in netware (somewhere in
autoexec.ncf or startup.ncf?) so that these devices (the tape drives) map
consistently and requires no administrative overhead from me?

I use QL2300 HBA's, on brocade fiber switched network.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.