Run VCU on NetWare v6.5sp4a server.
Process complete witout errors but...
At volumes rename, i always have the following error

Volume Copy Upgrade finished without error, do you want to rename
volumes (y/n)?y
Rename volume PRN to PRN_OLD:... successful

Rename volume PRN_NEW to PRN:... failed to rename NSS volume, error code =

I tryed one million things and restart from beginning each time witout
(volume check, reboot, clean ServCfg files, Dsrepair, unload ds between
rename, ...)
Note that NRM is also unable to rename volume PRN_NEW to PRN.
Note that Portlock Storage Manager is also unable to rename it.

My tests show that i can rename PRN_NEW to anything with success. But it is
impossible to rename it to PRN.
I need to rename it then reattach it so the nds object id will be the same
to prevent lose 'home directory' and ndps volume object.