I am running two NW65SP4 servers, I have configured iscsi on both servers,
one being the target and the other being the initiator.
No errors appear when i load ton and then ion on the respective servers.
When I run a discovery all I get is the ipaddress, either at the command
prompt or in NRM ((iscsci targets found at I try and
do a connect (no targets discouvered at Both servers
are trustees of the iscsi object (iscsi-804d08cd-3294-da11-a2b9-
00142278cbfa)in consoleone. LDAP authentication is working fine. An iscsi
partition exist on the target server. Tried to manually connect from the
console filling in the target name using (iqn-804d08cd-3294-da11-a2b9-
00142278cbfa) to no avail.
Have searched the knowledge base and the forum.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.