Would someone verify that the procedure set out below is acceptable. We
wish to transfer the data currently held on three volumes presented by an
EMC CLARIION SAN to our new DATACORE SAN. The server in question is
named BANK, whilst the volumes in question are called GENERAL,BANKMAIL

1. REM out QL2200 drivers in STARTUP.NCF.

2. Enter load statements for two new QL2300 HBAs to replace old HBAs

3. shut down BANK server.

4. Remove Qlogic 2200 HBAs and replace with 2 Qlogic 2300 HBAs attached
to new SAN.

5. Bring up new server and check that it sees storage in new SAN.

6. In edirectory delete volume and pool objects associated with the
GENERAL, BANKMAIL and PRIVCAP volumes.(since the CLARIION has already
been disconnected from the server prior to this operation, data will not
be lost, allowing for a rollback should something go wrong).

7. Create new volumes with the same names, but now with storage attached

8. Restore volumes from backup (if necessary, restore trustee rights
using TRUSTEE nlm - i.e. having backed up trustees prior to the data
transfer procedure)