We have a Novell 6.5 server purchased under a gov't program called E-Rate that, due to certain restrictions, cannot hold user data or run applications, excluding GroupWise, DHCP/DNS and Web services.

We need to offer at least a networked data drive to our students on the network to save their local apps' data to and we want to back it up via ARCserve. The drive cannot physically touch the Novell server, so plugging in external drives to the Novell server will not work. So, we're looking at something like a Snapshot server or something that we can just plug right into our network and map a drive letter to in the Novell login script, allowing unique user directories. We want something easy to use with minimal support needs for our already overworked LAN Admins. Maybe something that doesn't require visiting every school PC for specialized software installs? We understand we won't be able to run Apps from these devices, so we'll just have to run them from local PC drives for now.

Has anyone worked with Novell-friendly devices like this that work well?

Thanks - April