I bought the PSM 3.35 and I can not copy all Netware 6.0 system from one
machine to another, or for one drive to another drive.

After made the copy of all volumes, restore it and reboot the machine there
are no pools on the computer. It copy the dos partition, the netware 386
partitions and volumes, the NSS partition, but it lost the pools and NSS
volumes. Even run the NSS /poolverify=sys, it report no pools to verify.
I try too the new beta version 3.36, I try too a new Netware 6.5 instalation
to test it and is the same problem. No NSS pools.

My server has:
DOS partition
NSS volume SYS
NSS volume DATA
Traditional Volume CACHE
Traditional Volume LOG

As everyone says that the PSM is the best, certanly I'm make a error, I
don't know where!

As the Portlock support don't give me any answer to my e-mails, I post my
problem here. If someone here know how to do that, please help me.