Hi all. Hope this is the right place. Here's my situation. I just got a
new 10/100/1000 3com gig card. Opened the server put it right in and
fired her up! When it came up fully the NWCONFIG screen had popped up and
there was this message: "B57.lan did not load, control will be switched to
the system console screen where you may see the error (error information
may be on the logger screen). nwconfig-6-248

I looked at the logger screen and this is what IT said:

module B57.lan status REENT FAIL

systme console said:

Server-5.60.3372: attempt to reinitalize re-entrant module failed.

Ok, so next i go into inetcfg to see if it is even seeing the card. It is
but here is the error message from inetcft:

Protocol: IPX (which is weird because I have this protocol disabled)
Status: Pro-disabled
Identifier:9A4DE773 and 3D79520 (again weird since i only put one nic in)

OK. I can't do anything with it right now. My other NIC is still
working and I thought: doesn't B57.lan load for that card? Anyway help is
MUCH appriciated. I'll see what I can find. Thanks.