Our Dell poweredge 2600 server (PERC4di Raid5 with 4 disks, 2 Xeon cpu's,1gb
nic,NSS volumes,NW6.0SP5) have been runnig few months and unexpectly it get
really slow on file operations.
Reading is, I think, normal speed, but writing to disk is unbelievable slow.
100mb file could take 15 minutes to copy to server. Same time cpu load jumps
up and stays there until file writing is over.
If I watch Media Manager Statistical Information, it shows only about 500
KB/sec while copying file to server.

It don't differ if you copy files to server from network (mapped drive or
ftp) or restore from backup device from scsi device in this server.

When I have tryed to troubleshoot this situation, once just after reboot
when I copied a 100mb file to server, it worked faster, it took only about
10 seconds. After that it didn't successeed anymore.

Anyone with good ideas how to troubleshoot this?

- Jan