First off, thanks again to you all for all your help in the past.
It's a nice change for me to have such a helpful user community!

My Issue is this. I downloaded the iSCSI initiator for Novell Neware
6.0 SP6. File name is iscsi1sp1.exe. I extracted it to the root of sys
on my server. it created a iscsi1sp1 directory in the sys directory.
When I run "ion" from the console it error's out with "unknown command".
Ok, it doesn't know where the ion.ncf file is. So, I tell it where it
is and it runs, but only loads scsihd.cdm, dlog.nlm and syslog.nlm. the
rest of the files don't load with this error "Unable to find load file
IOCTL.NLM ??? unknown command ???. So, I'm assuming the ion.ncf file
doesn't know where the rest of the files are located. How can I change
the ion ncf file to find the other files? Or am I going about this the
wrong way?

When I originally unzipped the iscsi1sp1.exe file, the install
instructions at http://www.novell.com/documentation/iscsi10/ say to
"extract the .zip and .ncf files, and copy them to the root of the sys:
volume" does that mean I need to keep the folder hiearchy in tact?

Sorry for all the dumb questions. I love Netware cause it never breaks,
but since it never breaks I don't get a chance to mess around with
this stuff very often.