Hi, Im new to the Novell-world, still learning :)
We have Netware-servers that not always are placed on our customers own
LAN. And sometimes the connection from the customer to the Netware-server
is real slow, so when shooting out applications it takes forever. Sometime
in the future these internetconnections will be upgraded, but as always,
money is the problem.
I then started to think about network-storage-drives. Is there any good
way and secure way to use them? I want to place the networkdrive in the
customers LAN so that they then can install apps from that. I also want to
be able to update the contents on these drives remotly (maybe during
nighttime). First we looked at regular netdrives (like
http://www.lacie.com/products/product.htm?pid=10594), but dont want to use
a Windows-share. Any one has any ideas?