This is my first attempt at connecting a usb drive to my netware server.
Right now i'm mostly running 6.5.3 (1 server is 6.5.5). I want to connect
an external usb drive to my system.
First: Can this be done successfully?
Second: Does it matter what usb drive you use?

I have a iomega usb2 250MB drive I tries plugging it into my 6.5.5 server
(that is already up and running)and I get nothing.
I "scan for new devices" I see nothing,
I do have EHCIDRV.CAD & OHCIDRV.CAD loaded.

Will this iomega drive even work?

Should I have this plugged in and then start the server?
Anything in the bios I should be aware about?

Any help on this would be appreciated - RJM