I just want to verify if my disk has failed and needs to be replaced....
Start up server (NW6.5 SP4a) and after activating SYS volume (on NSS SYS
pool) I get an error that the "CDM driver deactivated device [V025-A1-D0:0]
Maxtor due to a device failure" followed by the error "NSS-3.00-5001: Pool
SYS is being deactivated due to an I/O error (20204(ZIO.C[2165])) at block
511879 (File Block - 511879)(ZID 4) has compromised pool integrity". I
tried the NSS poolrebuild and poolverify commands, but it said that the
pool could not be found. Is the disk trashed and I need to rebuild my
server with a new one? TIA