OS: Netware 6.5 SP5
NSS Pools: 4 GB SYS pool with a SYS Volume assigned 4 GB and a 66 GB Data
pool with a 66 GB Data volume
Hard drive configuration: What we currently have is a RAID 5 with three
18 GB hard drives, one 36 GB hard drive (using only 18 GB), and two 73 GB
Drive currently (one of which is set up as a hot spare, using only 18 GB as
well). As you can see this array has had a number of drives replaced over
the years.

Problem: Sys volume has about 200 MB free.

Possible solution #1: As you can see from our configuration we have some
unused space on some of these hard drives. What if we created a mirrored 18
GB partition using the unused space on the 36 GB and 72 GB hard drives using
the hardware RAID tools. We then create a new NSS pool and volume with this
space. We then use DFS to put a folder or two from SYS onto this new
volume. I checked and there is no single folder that takes up a lot of
space. However, the NDPS, Public, System, and Tomcat folders combine for
about 60% of the used space. Would this work? This only has to work until
the summer when we will reinstall Netware and move all the hard drives to 72

Possible solution #2: Add a 10 GB IDE hard drive to the server and then move
the SYS Pool over to this drive from the RAID array. If we choose this one
is there an easy tool to use such as the Server Consolidation and Migration
Toolkit? And how do we transfer files that are obviously open for the
system to be even running?

What do you think these possible solutions? Do you have a better solution?
The budgetís a little tight right now and we donít have the money to
purchase a NSS resizing program such as Portlock Storage Manager.