Hi All,

I have external hard drives setup for use by Backup Exec on NSBS6.5SP5
Backups work - but perfomance is awfull.
This is on an ML350G2 PIII 1.2x server.

I had tested this on a PIV Server 2.0 with somewhat exceptable performance.

The PIV Server is an IBM X205.
Question is - is the OHCIDRV.CAD the perfomance bottle neck since that is
the driver loading on the HP/Compaq Server.

I do not recall which driver loaded on the IBM Server, but I think it was

Right now backups are backing up at 2GB an hour - just way too slow.

I've read the TID on the CAD Drivers - but renaming the E driver to the O
driver just cuased public symbol errors - or did misinterpet the TID.

The other thing there is a USB Update for NW65SP4 with USB Drivers dated
Sept 2005. The USB Drivers from SP5 are Dated Aug 2005. I've tried using
both drivers.

Any insight out there would be much appreciated.

The plan is to RSYNC the Backup data offsite.
The on site admin will use BE to manage local Backups/Restores, and we
will use the Rsync for offsite Dister Mitigation/Recovery.

Thanx In Advance!