We have a cluster. One of the SAN LUNs we use has filled up in terms of
allocated vs unallocated space. This is an HP EVA, and we've hit the 2TB
mark for this particular LUN.

The question has arisen... what happens when we need to add space to a
pool hosted in that particular LUN? As I see it, we have a couple of

Option 1: Create a new LUN, and add space to the pool from that LUN
Option 2: Create a new LUN, and through TBD methods migrate a whole pool
to the new LUN

Note: Any new LUN will still be on the same hardware as the old LUN

Opt 1 is the simplest in terms of intervention involved. Opt 2 will most
likely require significant downtime to schlep 150-300GB of data/metadata.
In the past, spanning LUNs was a bad thing since it exposed your pool to
dataloss if EITHER device (historically, physically separate disk arrays)
had a data-loss problem. On the other hand, I can't think of the failure
mode in the EVA where we'd lose only one LUN.

Any advice?

Novell, it does a network good