Hi all

After a server crash we ended up with several files disappearing from 2
The name of the files are short(5-8 letters) and with usual characters(I
mean A, B, C etc) and they completle disappeard. They are Microsoft Acces
databases and the moment of they disappearance is tide to the moment the
servers restarted.
Now, if we try to copy that file back to the directory it belongs(from a
backup) we receive the error "directory does not exist, do you want to
create it ?", but we are in that directoy! If we copy a file with another
name we receive no error. If we try to rename that file to the file that
has disappeared we receive "Can not read from the source file or disk"

A nss /PoolVerify show no errors. We also tried Portlock Storage Manager
with the same results: no errors.

This is a OES SP1a/NW65SP4a server and is part of a cluster. No matter on
witch server in the cluster I mount the volume, it's the same problem.

Can someone help me ?