Hello all,

I am not really sure what forum to put this in. This seem about the most appropriate. If, however, someone else thinks it belongs somewhere else, please direct me to that somewhere.

I have been playing with server vitalization now for about a year. I tried out ESX from VMWare and wasn't too comfortable with it. I have been playing with XEN, same thing. It is my level of confidence and competence with linux that is scary to me.

Anyway, I do have two servers running on a virtual machine platform as a part of testing. Non-production stuff. I thought, what if I need extra storage space for the server. No problem, just reconfigure the RAID and add more drive space, it shows up in the server as unallocated space. This is where the problem comes in.

First, I think I have to redo the host OS to see that extra drive space. I don't know if there is a product out there that will make it contiguous space.

Second, once I rebuilt my raid and put the virtual machine back on the server (yes, total rebuild but nice to just drag and drop and OS) how do I get a netware NSS pool to be a contiguous space? I know I can add space to an NSS pool, no problem, but it may not be contiguous. In fact, I have a few volumes that span raid containers, again, I know, not good.

Any thoughts?