I have a Hatachi 500 DMS SAN that has a fiber HBA channel to a McDATA
1620 Eclispe ISCIS switch. I loaded the ISCIS initiator on the novell
6.5sp5 server (IO) and then try to attach to the storage over IP through
the McDATA switch, but I receive a error connecting and can not attached
to the storge. The error address eui.50060e8011029c5c2.

The file server can ping the McDATA switch address and the Mc Data switch
maps the file server to its FC port. The Hatachi SAN has storage
allocated to the file server over LUN 00. It just does seem to pass the
login step. Their is no chap or raduis security enabled on any of the

Where can I start to look for clues to why they are not connecting up?