I have an older Compaq Proliant with a Smart Array 431 controller. It
has six hot swap bays (0-5), of which 5 are populated with 18.2 gig
drives in a RAID 5 array housing SYS and the data volume on NW 6.5. I
need to increase my storage capacity. so I'm looking to run the SYS
volume from 2 mirrored 18.2 gig drives, and have the data volume housed
on 3 146 gig drives in a RAID 5 array. The data volume files have been
moved to another server, but I'd like to avoid having to recreate the
server SYS volume and restore from tape.

What I've done is take an 18.2 gig drive and put it in the one available
slot. Using CPQONLIN I created a one drive array, and then used Storage
Manager to copy the Compaq and boot partition to the new drive from the
old array. Then, I mirrored the SYS volume onto the remaining disk
space. My intention was to remove the RAID 5 array, boot from the
mirrored SYS volume, break the mirror and recreate it with another 18.2
gig drive (preferably hardware mirrored via the controller), and then
create a new array for the data volume using the 146 gig drives.

When I tried to remove the old array and move the one disk array from
slot 5 to 0 the controller balked, and wanted the drives in their
original position. What I need to know is if I abandon the old arrays
and create a new array in slot 0 using the single disk, will it wipe the
data on the disk or will it just set it as the primary array and allow
it to boot? If this fails, can I restore the array config from the
previous 5 disk array? In addition, if I can successfully create the
array, can I use the Compaq array configuration to add a mirrored drive
to the single disk, or will it wipe them clean? Any help would be


Greg Wurst
Network Manager
Miamisburg City Schools