Good morning folks,

We've gone to a lot of trouble making sure that our network is protected from all sorts of nasties that the kids can bring into school from home - we've got a decent bespoke firewall, gwava protecting the mail server and will soon be purchasing disknet to stop usb sticks and other removable media.

I recently managed to get Netstorage up and running but have noticed a fatal flaw - it allows the upload of whatever files anyone wants to upload, exe's, movies, games etc. Is there a way to set a retrictions list to stop it from allowing these please? I could really do with a solution before we roll this out to the kids (if we roll it out to the kids).

Sophos would catch viruses in its daily server scans and sophos on the workstation would catch it as soon as the file was accessed on a protected workstation here, so viruses aren't all that much of a concern - its more the exe's, mp3's and mpg's.

Hope someone can help.