We're planning to replace a local NSS volume (DATA:) with a SAN drive mapped
to an EVA 3000. The current 'local' drive is 700gb compressed data. We're
installing an Emulex HBA. We're excited as this is the first san-hosted
Netware volume on site, yippee, new technology!
We're trying to plan a procedure to migrate the data across, retire the old
local volume and rename the new one to the old name. We're wondering what
the best way to procede is. Questions are:

1) Is there a good copy utility that will run on the server and copy the
files and rights etc from the old volume to the new? I know Toolbox will do
it but I understand toolbox is not optimised for throughput. There's also a
file browser option in the startx gui that will copy from volume to volume
and seems pretty quick. But we want something with the intelligence to
complete a copy if there's any problems AND make a log of any copy errors.

2) Are there any gotchas involved in renaming volumes?

3) The current local volume is compressed, are there any problems in
continuing to have the volume compressed when hosted on the san?

4) Alternative to copying directly from the old volume to the new, we could
setup the new volume, then slowly restore to it from the previous weekends
full backup, then do a diff restore from the following Friday night to bring
it right up to date, then rename the volumes and retire the old one. The
only drawback with this plan we can see is that we won't make heaps of
overtime over the weekend monitoring the copy process. Are there any other

Thanks for any help,

Steve Law