On any Dell|EMC CX-series or FC-series Storage Arrays. Running any
version of their Flare code or their newest release v19 on the Array -
With NetWare 5.x with SP7 to NetWare 6.5 with either SP4, SP4a and SP5
install with the Navisphere Agent for Netware and the appropiate version
of PowerPath, latest HBA firmware aand drivers (confirm by Dell).

The problem is that when using the NaviCLI command line utility -
1. You can issue the command to create a SPcollect file on the specified
SP (either SPa or SPb).
2. Use the "managefiles -list" option to confirm that the file was created.
3. Then using the "managefiles - retrieve" option to retrieve the file to
the NetWare host.

Navisphere would show the specified SP on the array as "unmanaged" and the
Host gives a "timeout" error on the retrieve command. A caveat to the
situation is that you can use the SYMMremote or EMCremote utility to
access the array from a Windows based host and rename the file to an 8.3
filename. Re-issue the NaviCLI "managefiles - retrieve" command and
viola! the "eight-dot-three" file name would be transferred to the
SYS:system directory on the NetWare host.

I'm looking to find out why it will not transfer a file with a name longer
than "Eight-dot-three"?
Any guesses?