I have a 6.5 netware IBM xseries 232 server that the sys volume crashed
It went something like this “Pool it2\sys is being deactivated an I/O
error at block has compromised pool integrity.
Loading pool “sys”, Operation mode 0 pool layout v43.01, processing
jounal, 1- uncommitted transations. And so on.
I was able to still mount all the volumes accept the sys.
I have an old small scsi harddrive that the current one replaced a year
ago. Is there a way to install the old drive and then add the other drive
as a second drive and still get the old data off the current crashed
one? My Seagate dat backup drive is not working right since the crash(it
might have been the reason for the crash). I do have an outdated backup
that I was able to install on the old small server and then copied out to
a workstation. But I would really like to get the current info off the
crashed drive.
If there is a way to do this, please give me the exact steps on adding
the second drive and configuring it as the second server drive. I am
basically self taught on netware since version 3.11. So there is alot
that I don't know
Thank you.