Hi all,
I 've a serious pb cause we dont have any backups for thsi server since
20 days.
After several abends , Novell asked me to do a coredump on a mounted
What i did but during this operation , the system abended another time
and as a result I could not access the pool VOL1 containing datas(local)

i've reinstalled 6.5 sp5 hoping to have access to my pool, but now this
appears as activate and the volume inside are deactivate.
Ive tried to rebuild and verify the pool ;OK
but when I activate the volumes manually and then I try to mount them ,
system crash and i can only access a second prompt where Netware commands
run .
Volumes show me sys volume and my vol1 volume as a D; dos partition.
When I try to access it like copying some files , server hangs another
time , so no way to access the volume , one time "mounted"....
I launched partfix, heres the details:

*** START LOG for PartFix.NLM v1.05 30-MAR-2006 17:11:48 ***

Server version 6.50 SP5

Device ID:7 [V025-A0-D0:1] ST340823A f/w:3.39

Found partition type 6 at offset 3F, size F7140 : Not checked

Found partition type 69 at offset F717F, size 493E000 : OK

Partition assigned to pool: SYS

Not in a group.

Found partition type 0 at offset 4A3517F, size 1A6D : OK

Device ID:D [V321-A1-D9:0] IBM IC35L146UCDY10-0 f/w:S23C

Found partition type 69 at offset 20, size 10FDD520 : OK

Partition assigned to pool: VOL1

Not in a group.

Total Errors: 0 Total Warnings: 0

So as all seem to be ok , but I cannot access my datas , Anyone can
provide me a last chance solution or perhaps an advice for a third party
tool to get my datas back.
Many thanks