(I've posted this in "novell.support.os.server.netware6x.storage", feel
free to delete the other one)
We recently started testing snapshots on a NW6.5SP3 server. We did
basic testing and everything seemed to work fine. Though yesterday,
when I attempted to save a file I got some error and it rebooted
automatically. After the reboot, the OS was booting fine though SYS was
being dismounted 30 seconds after the boot (got some errors on the
screen). We then ran a nss /pool rebuild on our SYS pool, it said that
it would delete 12 files (the number of snapshots we had at the time).
After the rebuild, there were no snapshots in the mm snap list. We're
kinda worried about bringing snapshots in our production environment
because we don't want that kind of errors to happen again.

Any ideas on what really happened, why it happened and how to be sure
it won't happen again?

Netware version is 6.5 SP3
`nss /version` is 3.22 (build 994)