Hi All,

Not sure if this is the right forum. Please direct me elsewhere if

I have a two node NW6.5SP5 cluster providing basic file server access.
The shared disk is on a CX500 EMC SAN. I started with 2x200GB virtual
disks. I created a pool and volume on each vdisk.

I have now been allocated another 2x300GB virtual disks.I wish to
increase the pool and volume size of my existing Pools onto the two new
300GB virtual disks.

My question is can I perform the size increase whilst the volumes are
mounted and online or do I need to unmount the volumes first? Do I just
use iManager to do it as per a normal size increase? Are there any
special considerations due to being in a cluster environent?

Any help is much appreciated. I have searched the web high and low but
can't find a definitive answer.