I'm trying to clone a partition with 2 pools, sys + data, but ANY partition
cloning / copying / duplicating software i've tried creates a copy with
only a valid sys pool.

The partition is near 50 giga, with 6 sys, 44 data, but cloning it creates
only a 50 giga partition that netware nss see like a SIX - 6 - giga
partition with only sys pool and no data pool.

i've tried OES and readed NSS documentation about linux : i still do not
understand WHY i should use nss on linux, 'cause it gives me more TROUBLES
and DAMAGES then features.

At least Novell informations about it, are more LONGER about troubles then
about features, and NSS seems to more a damage then a features : i've never
been able to run a rebuild or a verify, every time i got a problem i should
REMOVE the disks, and reinstall.

When i used nw 3.11, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 5.0 i got the OPTION to run a vrepair
and see it do something : now i have only ugly harddisk ?