I plan to add an additional hard drive to the SCSI SAN on our 2-Node,
Netware 6.0 SP5 cluster. We have Dell 2600 servers and a Powervault 220 SCSI
SAN with 6 of 14 bays filled. One drive is a hot spare. The drives are set
up in RAID 5. The SAN is hot swapable

We had a consultant set up the cluster 18 months ago but I'd like to do this
on my own. Dell's hardware installation instructions are very simple and
very clear. We have purchased a disk from Dell that matches the six
originally installed.

I've looked for but couldn't find a TID or User Manual article that can give
me some advice on how to do this. What in necssary for Netware to recognize
the new drive and format it, etc. Information on what to expect and what to
avoid would also be a big help, like will I just find that there is
additional free space to added to the pool or what?

Thanks in advance for any information or help.