We have a Dell Poweredge 2650 server running NetWare 6.5sp2 and GroupWise
It's a RAID5 array, with 3 NSS partitions (SYS, VOL1 & VOL2). Each partition
has a pool assigned to it (SYS, VOL1_POOL & VOL2_POOL).
I wish to delete VOL2 (volume, pool and partition), then expand VOL1
(preferably without restoring data from backup).
This all works ok in test lab, though it will create a new NSS partition,
and span the VOL1_POOL across 2 NSS partitions.
Is this ok to do...spanning pool across 2 NSS partitions.
Or is it better to delete VOL1 partition, create a new one that consumes the
whole disk (apart from SYS vol), then restore from backup?