When I copy a 15 gig file from a netware server (read I/O from the server)
to my workstaion, the performance is good. It takes 5 minutes to copy the
file on to my workstation. If I take the same file from my workstation and
copy it to the server (write I/O to the server), it takes 30 minutes...
Anybody could have a explanation or a suggestion for me? Here is my tuning
Set parameters:


nss /autodeactivatevolume=all
NSS /NCPDisplayNonTranslatableNames
nss /cachebalance=80
nss /fileflushtimer=10
nss /bufferflushtimer=1
nss /allocahead=0
nss /NameCacheSize=50000
nss /ClosedFileCacheSize=50000
nss /MinBufferCacheSize=20000
nss /MinOsBufferCacheSize=20000
nss /CacheBalanceMaxBuffersPerSession=20000
nss /CacheUserMaxPercent=70
nss /AllocAheadBlks=63
nss /NoCopyBuffersOnXlatch
nss /ReadAheadBlks=sys:64

SET Level 2 OpLocks Enabled = OFF
SET Client File Caching Enabled = OFF
SET Minimum Packet Receive Buffers=3000
SET Maximum Packet Receive Buffers=10000
Set maximum service processes=900
set minimum service processes=500
SET Maximum Concurrent Disk Cache Writes=4000
set dirty disk cache delay time = 0.1
set maximum concurrent directory cache writes=500
SET Minimum Directory Cache Buffers= 5000
SET Maximum Directory Cache Buffers = 20000
set maximum record locks = 200000
set maximum record locks per connection = 2000
set maximum file locks= 200000
set maximum file locks per connection = 2500
Set Directory Cache buffer Nonreferenced Delay = 30
Set Read Ahead Enabled
set read ahead lru sitting time threshold=60
Set new packet receive buffer wait time =0.1
set TCP defend land attacks = off
set Maximum pending TCP connection requests = 4096
set Maximum number of internal directory handles = 100
set Maximum number of directory handles = 20
set server power down options = off
set tcp nagle algorithm=off
set tcp delayed acknowledgement=off
set tcp sack option=off