I have about 800 GB of data to move from VOL1 to VOL2.
(some data cleanup, so I'll probably be moving data back and forth)

(also, VOL1 is 6 logical drives and it was expanded over 2 years and I'd
like to "re-make" as one logical drive)

I suspect that I'd like the server to do all the work.
i.e. I want to avoid server to workstation back to server type copy.

NetWare 6.5 sp4a both are NSS volumes (using compression)
Compaq DL380 with 5302 controller and storageworks arrays.
VOL1 is original array, and now added 2nd shelf VOL2 on 2nd channel of 5302
SCSI drives, of course.

Any hints, tips, etc. much appreciated.

PS - BE 9.2 is my backup solution.