I have a problem with my NSS Sys volume. It's total size is 6 GB and now
suddenly there is only about 500 MB left and nearly every day it runs out
of disk space sending messages about it.

Ndir /spa shows:
Volume Size 6 079 396
In Use 5 522 720
Available 556 676

Ndir file listing shows the size of the files however:
2 764 289 702 bytes (when the files are not compressed)
2 280 591 360 bytes (disk space used by compressed and non-compressed

So I'm wondering where is the rest = nearly 3 GB of the disk space gone?

I have purged the sys but no help. Also I used purge_nw.nlm to free
_NETWARE directory without any help.

NSSMU showes in the pool information quite funny that there is purgeable
files 184467438.31 GB.

What should I do to get back that hidden disk space?
OS version is Netware 6.0 with sp 4.

Johanna K