I am working on a Netware 6 SP5 server.

SYS, SYS1, SYS2 are all Traditional Netware Volumes and VOL1 is a NSS
volume. We use a program (ePace Engagement) that accesses the data
located on the SYS volumes fine, but we get a Lock condition when the
program tries to access the data on the NSS volume.

I downloaded and applied NW6NSS5C and no change.

I cannot find any help, other then NSS does not support locks. I am in
the process of working with the software vendor (CCH) to correct this
issue. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. As it stands
right now I am in the process of copying 40 GB of data of the current NSS
volume so I can delete the NSS volume and create a Traditional volume. 8(

Thanks a bunhc in advance,

Jeffrey S. Weils
IT Unlimited, LLC