Have a NetWare 6.5.3 server and 6.5.5 server. Tried this on both each failed. Trying to setup a DFS junction that points to another volume. Setup a management context. All servers are in same container. Using Console1 1.3.6d I create a new junction called "Files" in server1_volume1\dir\subdir\ and point it to server1_volume2. The object appears in eDir ( as a file not a folder. Attempt to check properties of it and error states unable to access properties of the object. Browse through the mapped drive to the junction and double click the folder "Files" I get an error "Disk not formatted.
Windows cannot read from the disk. Disk might be corrupted, ......" Using Client32 4.91.2 with a couple hotfixes installed. Kind of stumped as to why its acting up. I was under the impression that DFS was supported with NCP connections. Any thoughts on how to get this working?

Timothy Fitch
IT Supervisor
Fisher Associates