My Netware 6.5 sp5 HP/compaq server is running out of space. I already
have a NSS pool set up for the various volumes.

I am trying to add another hard drive to the array and know that there's
plenty of space on the SCSI controller. The drive was recognized and over
the next several hours, itialized and I thought it was added to the RAID 5
pool yesterday.

But, when I came in today the server says: I've got 1 RAID 5 logical drive
and 92612 MB of unused space, that theoretically can't be added to that
logical drive.

I can create a 2nd logical drive out of that space, but is that what I want
to do? I just want to add the new 75gig SCSI drive to the existing pool.

If there's a link I should check out or if someone can tell me what page to
look at in my NetWare 6.5 Administrator Handbook that'd be GREAT!

Sorry for the long message. Any info would be greatly appreciated!